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CMC Enterprise - Free Relaxation Download

FREE 15 minute Progressive Muscular Relaxation Download

Directed by Dr Mike Scanlan

The original Progressive Muscular Relaxation technique was developed over 50 years ago by a Dr Edmund Jacobson. Over the years this systematic approach has been abbreviated and developed so that a shortened form of the technique can be incorporated and practiced within our daily routine.

This easy to follow audio, guides you through the Progressive Muscular Relaxation technique of tensing and then relaxing muscles throughout the body to bring about a sense of presence and calm within.

If practiced regularly it is especially helpful in reducing general feelings of anxiety, it quietens a busy mind, increases concentration and brings about positive feelings of wellbeing.

This relaxation approach is just one aspect of personal change that people can make to improve their own wellbeing and is one of the techniques explored in our online E-learning courses.

You can listen to the audio and watch the accompanying video online here. Ensure you have the speakers on your computer turned on and the volume turned up, this version requires Adobe Flash Player:

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DOWNLOAD audio/video to your desktop

If you cannot view the video online above, you can download the video for viewing on your desktop. Right click either of these links* then choose "Save link as..." or "Save target as..."

*Which ever format is compatible with your PC or Mac operating system

DOWNLOAD MP3 audio file

If you wish to download the audio file and save it to your MP3 player so you may practice this Progressive Muscular Relaxation technique away from the computer right click on the following link, then choose "Save link as..." or "Save target as...":


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